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Summer in Oxford

Finally I’m going to UK.

I will study in the Oxford University during the summer vacation.

It will be precious time

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Enclosing sounds

Finally John Frusciante’s record “Enclosure” is released
I’m going to review the album.
‘Shining Desert’ starts with awkward sound that it makes me in a desert. And last drum track which beats and stops over and over again is similar to ‘Sum’ from PBX.
‘Sleep’ is a track John has never been made. It sounds R&B music John extract s on Black Knights’ record. Two different vocal track set different timing on begging of a measure.
‘Run’ John plays guitar riffs like Black Sabbath at first time but chord progression is not alike. Melodies are also reconstructed since “Outsides”
‘Fanfare’ is the most favorite song on this record. Listening without drum track, it is similar to tradition song previously he wrote. But the best point of this song is drum track. He set simple drum track he learned through “Medieval Chambers”. Reversed guitar solo reminds me of 1st and 2nd record
“Zone” and “Crowded” When I listened at first time I gotta kind of feeling of ethnic music. I found out that because of unique rhythm. It can be called new style of music.

My opinion is he changed his melancholy melody to creat new style of music and pronunciation of words like stressing unnatural syllable.
John Frusciante keeps changing at all time. What we can do is only to feel his emotions and philosophy through his music.

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My new sounds:

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My new sounds:

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Warpaint’s Autograph on my guitar strap

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“There was a fan, a fan of ours. She was 16 and she had leukaemia, and her friend reached out to us and asked if we would go to the hospital and sing her a song, so we did … we went there.

It was a really beautiful experience but really intense. Her family was there in the room with us as well, in this really intimate space. It felt like, one, we were walking into this world that we didn’t know, and two, it was tragic because she was dying and it felt like we didn’t belong there. It felt like we were intruding upon the family’s really personal, last moments with their daughter, and we were all really awkward, but then we had been asked to be there, and we were her favourite band, so we went and sung her a song.

She was kind of in a coma and she wasn’t awake, but she woke up while we were there and I remember sitting on the bed with her and she didn’t really have … her central nervous system was shutting down and she didn’t really have the motor skills … but she was definitely moving around like she knew that we were there, and she was excited — or as excited as she could be in that state — and we just kept waving to her, saying ‘Hi, hi!’

Her name was Haley, Haley Butcher, and we were waving to her, trying to get her to notice that we were there. Theresa went home that day and wrote a song about that experience and it’s called Hi.”

- Jenny Lee Lindberg (x)

(Source: psychicbeginner)

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